Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2021?

  • July 29, 2021
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Before you get yourself some Bitcoins, you may wonder who accepts Bitcoins as payment? Since Bitcoin is relatively new and many businesses are wary of its price fluctuations, you may not find it surprising that it is not as widely accepted as traditional fiat currencies.

Despite that, the ranks of retailers and services that accept Bitcoin are growing. According to, there are nearly 15,000 venues all over the globe where you can purchase goods and services using Bitcoin, The actual number of vendors accepting Bitcoin is likely to be much higher though, knowing that Bitcoin is already legal payment instrument in countries like Japan.

You can buy food and drinks at many bars and restaurants around the world. Aside from that, you can also get various web services, book accommodation and plane tickets, purchase real estate, order pizza, consumer goods, pay your taxes or even travel to space with Virgin Galactic using BTC.

Well-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin

For starters, the benefits of using Bitcoin for payments start by allowing you to send your funds to the merchants armed with functional Bitcoin wallets, with no intermediaries and at minimal fees. Those offering goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin stand to profit as well, as they can tap into a pool of growing crypto-friendly audience, with lower transaction fees compared to network payment cards and the ability to settle things down without chargebacks.

As you can see, many companies accept Bitcoin, but it also depends on where you are and what you need. Although Bitcoin is more popular among smaller merchants, several well-known companies accept Bitcoin payments, too.

Microsoft. For now, the giant from Redmond supports the option of topping up one’s Microsoft account with Bitcoin. Used in this manner, Bitcoin can be used to buy apps or games from the company’s Windows or Xbox stores, without support for purchasing stuff from its online store. While the company’s earlier record of supporting Bitcoin has been spotty, its support for this cryptocurrency is surely a wind in the sails of crypto promoters.

Expedia. This travel industry behemoth supports the use of Bitcoin via Coinbase, but the users are well-advised to check the fine print in their terms of use.

Wikimedia, the parent company behind the Wikipedia platform, will accept your donations in bitcoins, provided that you make them via BitPay.

Lovers of food will surely appreciate the fact that the global restaurant chain, or at least its Canadian outlet, offers chicken in exchange for Bitcoin. The bad news that this was a time-limited from 2018, but the company promises the BTC users to stay tuned for new developments.

Subway is yet another restaurant franchise which advises its customers to check their local joints for the support for Bitcoin, as some of them may offer support for this currency now just as they did in the past.

Playboy TV supports payment with Bitcoin to those who want to use their BTC to gain access to adult content.

NewEgg is an online retailing powerhouse, particularly when it comes to hardware and electronic gadgets. It was one of the pioneers among the early Bitcoin adopters. The platform supports three ways of paying with Bitcoin, including web purchases, wallet-based transfers, and transactions made on smartphones. A caveat: bitcoins are not accepted if you want to spend them on digital gift cards, preorders, and subscriptions, so you better make sure to check the fine print in the platform's terms of service.

AT&T is a renowned U.S. mobile operator who offers an option to use Bitcoin for payment, provided that the users effect it via BitPay service.

There are also some major players that do not (as of October 2019) accept Bitcoin as payment, as these market players are often the subject of the inquiries made by Bitcoin users:

Online retailer giant Amazon does not accept Bitcoin payments. Yet, the options such as allow you to buy stuff from its merchants in a more or less direct manner. This platform will link the holders of Bitcoin who want to purchase stuff on Amazon with those who want to receive Bitcoin in exchange for making an order from the platform.

eBay is yet another popular online buying option and, similar to Amazon, it does not support Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Starbucks will not allow you to use your BTC to pay for coffee or any of its products as of yet.



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